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Shanghai ESU Laser Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai in 2007 and is a technology company specializing in 3D printing application technology.

The core team of which is the first batch of engineers and technicians who have applied 3D printing technology to injection moulds. With years of application experience, they have accumulated strong technical strength for the company.
Company introduction

Shanghai ESU Lasor Technology Co., Ltd has been specialized in 3D printing application in the field of mould, the core team was organized with some professional engineering specialists, who firstly and initially transformed the technology into the injection mould,they have accumulated rich experience for company.
Corporate philosophy

ESU adheres to the business philosophy of “Integrity and innovation and sustainable development”, and its mission is to “launch a new era of manufacturing” to meet the needs of customers. We are committed to technology R&D and higher quality products and to making greater contributions to the development of 3D printing technology!
Scope of business

This technology has been widely used in 3C, packaging, medical, automotive and other industries. ESU provides customers with comprehensive technical services from mould flow analysis, thermal analysis and cooling channel design ,manufacturing, post-finishing, maintenance etc. We have already launched a series of products to the market, including the mould-specific metal powders(EM181, EM191, EM201), and mould-special temperature machines.
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