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 Water purification system

Water purification system

Automatic separation, concentration, discharge of rust water, no need to replace filters, filter materials or medium. There is no need for any reverse cleaning or maintenance; pressure loss is less than 0.012 MPa.


  • The inside of a tubular condenser with 87% silica scale deposited
    Prevents metal rustt
    The mould piping will rust, and the concentration will gradually increase (if you let it go, continue to recycle). Rust blocks will appear everywhere in the cooling water circuit (flow rate, pressure, cooling temperature setting will be unstable).The production defect rate of the product increases rapidly; the reason is metal rust!
    Prevention and removal of silica (scale)
    After the channel is blocked, the water flow is reduced, which affects the cooling effect of the mould, thus affecting the quality of the product.
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